FEI COURSE FOR COACHES – Level 2 Dressage / Jumping – According to the FEI Coaching System

FEI Tutor : Jaime Morillo
Language : Spanish
Venue Santiago Paperchase Club (Santiago-Chile)
Participation : Regional course open to coaches from of FEI Group

(12 participants + max 5 observers.

The aim of the course is to teach coaches “How to Coach” using adult learning techniques.

Participants must be appointed by their NF


Level Level 2 (6 days) without Eventing module
Requirements According to Syllabus Level 2 and selection’s process (see annexes)
Completion of Logbook Level 1 Compulsory to enter the Level 2
Applications must be sent to :
(+ a copy to the FEI Solidarity Department)
Course Entry Fee US $ 200
Deadline for applications


At least 3 weeks before the beginning of the course


23 april 2018


Course Material


Programme & Time Table

Level 2 Workbooks + working documents will be made available for each candidate the first day of the course

Participants will be responsible for their:

·         Travel Expenses – no

·         Accommodation –  no


Lunches and “Coffee breaks” in the morning for all participants will be provided by the organizing NF


The above information serves as an official invitation.

Level 2 Course for Coaches

Dressage / Jumping

Aim: ·         To work as an independent coach

·         Coach for competition

Duration of the course: ·         6 days without Eventing module
Entry Requirements for Participants: ·         21 years old and over

·         Selected by their NF

·         Completion of an FEI Level 1 Course

·         Completion of the Logbook Level 1

·         Coach Curriculum

·         Have a First Aid Safety certificate


Attendance: ·         11 participants + 1 Wild Card + Observers, i.e. 11 candidates + 1 Wild Card utilized by the FEI. If the Wild Card is not used, the free space will be given to another applicant.
Level: ·         Jumping:     1.20 – 1.30 m
Dressage:   Medium/Advanced
Insurance: ·         Participants must be registered with their NF coach insurance scheme or privately
Assessment: Assessment procedure during and after the course

·         Pre-course questionnaire.

·         Mid-course questionnaire.

·         Practical coaching sessions during the course

·         Logbook, completion of 15 sessions after the course and submission to the FEI within 3 months.

Certification: ·         Certificate of Achievement upon positive evaluation of the log book by the Tutor
Evaluation of the Course: ·         By the Tutor

·         By the Coaches

Evaluation sheets and Report ·         To be sent to the FEI by the Tutor


Selection Process

Attendance at Level 2 FEI Course for Coaches



·        21 years old and over

·        Selected by their NF

·        Completion of an FEI Level 1 Course.

·        Timeframe for applicants (minimum 6 months after Level 1)

·        Completion of the Logbook Level 1

·        Coach Curriculum

·        Have a First Aid Safety certificate

Application Procedure o  Invitation+ Level 2 Application Form will be sent to the NFs by the organiser (NF) of the course

·     Coach Applications must be sent back to the Organiser + FEI duly completed by NF/Candidate

Selection Based on ·        Level 1 evaluation during and after the course.

·        Evaluation of Level 1 Logbook by Tutors

Final Choice FEI/Tutors
Wild Card The FEI reserves the right to give a Wild Card to a candidate of its choice.
Deadline Those who will not complete the procedure on time will not be considered for selection.
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